Manage your own fleet of e-scooters with the power of RIDEABIRD® Platform.

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RIDEABIRD® Platform invites independent operators from round the globe to start their own fleet of e-scooters. Sign up to join the waitlist.


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How it works

RIDEABIRD® Platform enables all independent operators to manage their own fleet of shared e-scooters.

Access to Customized Web Access

A service fee which includes everything you need to manage your fleet of e-scooters, including a customized admin access for your fleet,where you can monitor your fleet rides.


An extensive marketplace with a suite of tools and services for managing your fleet which are necessary.



RIDEABIRD® will sell its top-rated RIDEABIRD® model scooters at cost to all independent operators participating on RIDEABIRD® platform. Operators will enjoy RIDEABIRD®’s economies of scale, which will only grow as more operators join the platform (i.e. a purchasing co-op). Operators will be able to run them on app powered by RIDEABIRD®. Scooters will arrive map-ready, equipped with the latest GPS, anti-theft technology.

Customized Website and Open Map API

In addition to a customized website, independent operators will have access to RIDEABIRD®’s Open Map API to display their scooters on the RIDEABIRD® map where they can be reserved by riders. Because RIDEABIRD® has the largest app footprint and is often opened first by users looking for an available vehicle, the Open Map API will drive business for all participating operators.


RIDEABIRD® will open its charger & mechanic apps to all independent operators. Operators will be able to set their own pay for chargers to maintain their scooters. Because charger costs decrease as route density increases, the participation of independent operators in a two-sided marketplace creates greater efficiencies for everyone.


In exchange for all of these benefits, RIDEABIRD® will charge a service fee on every scooter ride.

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