Rules of the Road

Stay Safe and Follow the Laws Below When Riding A RIDEABIRD®

15 mph

Our vehicles are throttled to 15 mile per hour for your safety all the time.


Wear a helmet whenever you ride, it's required by law.

14+ Years Old

You must be 14+ years old when signing up to use RIDEABIRD®.

Drivers License

A Drivers License is not required to ride.

One Rider

RIDEABIRD® is fun with friends, but only one rider per RIDEABIRD® is permitted.

Traffic Rules

Follow all local traffic rules including stop signs whenever found.

RIDEABIRD® Launches Safety Campaign

“Safety is our top priority here at RIDEABIRD® and we’re committed doing all we can ensure that each and every ride is a safe one,” said RIDEABIRD® CEO Pradeep Narava. “That’s why we’re requesting all of our riders to wear a helmet when required and making sure all of our riders know the rules of the road and how to ride a Bird safely.”

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